making waves cape town
Waves are being made down south at the Cape of Storms. The pestle is active. Monohull sailing will never be the same again! Website contains multiple innovative sailing concepts such that monohull sailing is on the brink of a new era. Monohull sailing resurgence - here we come! Click on GALLERY - images and descriptions of a mechanical canting keel and canting mast additional to foiled bulb ballast and many more surprises...

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View drawing - (WO2016185357) Adjustable ballast bulb for a sailing vessel
View drawing - (WO2016185356) Sailing vessel
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Articulation Perspective


Concept - View 1
Concept - View 2
Concept - View 3
Concept - View 4 Concept - View 5 Demasted

Concept - First Video

Articulation Animation 1

Articulation Animation 2

The developments described are the subject of South African Patent Application Numbers 2015/03490 & 2015/03491
PCT (Patent Cooperation Treaty) WO 2016/185356 & WO 2016/185357
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